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Gladys Roy (1902?-1927) was a barnstormer during the 1920s, performing mostly in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Gladys was a parachute jumper and a wing-walker.

Janet Harmon Waterford Bragg, 1932. Janet Bragg was a pioneer female African American pilot whose leadership in black pilot organizations in the 1930s created opportunities for others. She is seen here sitting on a fence at Harlem Airport, Chicago. SI-79-13664

Famous women pilots preparing to take part in the 1934 Memorial Day air races at Dycer Airport. In front row kneeling is Gladys O’Donnell, who last year entered seven races and won six. Seated is Ruth Elder, famous flying beauty. Standing left to right: Kay Van Doozer, Myrtle D. Mims and Clema Granger.

The "mail order brides" of the American west were the "supply" that met two "demands". For the men of the west who far outnumbered women and wanted to create families, farms, and towns, a mail order bride could be the solution. And for young women of the eastern states who faced loneliness, poverty, and the social stigma of spinsterhood if they didn't marry, being a mail order bride could offer social and economic opportunity.

Louise Thaden, August, 1929. Thaden set may records during the 1920s and 1930s. In 1928 she became the first pilot to hold the women's altitude, endurance, and speed records in light planes simultaneously. Flying a Beech Staggerwing, Thaden won the Bendix trophy in the Bendix Transcontinental Race of 1936, the first year women were allowed to compete against men. She is pictured here in her Beechcraft Travel Air Model B-4000 after winning the "Powder Puff Derby" in 1929. SI-82-2132


Police Mugshots Used To Be Really Badass

mugshots from the 1920s & 30s

Irene Gut Opdyke. Irene was a teenager when the Nazi attack on Poland changed her life forever. She was separated from her family and captured and raped by Soviet(Russian)soldiers, she escaped and while working as a servant for a german officer she saved the lives of 12 Jews hiding them in his basement, afterwards she joined the partisans, a group of rebels who fought against the Nazis.