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  • Lori Cole

    Gladys Roy was a barnstormer during the 1920s. Gladys was a parachute jumper and a wing-walker, her most famous stunts were dancing the Charleston and playing tennis on the wing of an airplane in flight. Bad. Ass.

  • Pam Kathryn

    Gladys Roy (1902-1927) A barnstormer during the 1920s, performing mostly in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, Gladys was also a parachute jumper and a wing-walker.

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Barnstormers: Barnstorming was a popular form of entertainment in the USA in the 1920s, in which stunt pilots would perform tricks with airplanes, either individually or in groups called a flying circus. Barnstorming was the first major form of civil aviation in the history of flight.

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