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    This is a resource to help children with letter reversals.

    FREE PHONICS STUFF - www.candy4wayphon...

    Candy 4WAY Phonics » Reading Labels Can OFTEN Prove to be Destructive to Children! - Candy 4WAY Phonics

    Swat a sight word - Swat a phoneme - Swat a rhyming word - or just say the sound and Swat a letter. So Simple!

    Magnetic Letters Tackle Box Organizer

    Free Phonics Charts

    Phonics and word families. Cool material!

    File Folder Game Package for CVC words. Affordable/Downloadable!

    FREE awesome blends & digraphs board games! :)

    The H- brothers - ch, th, sh, wh

    AWESOME kinesthetic learning tool

    Phonics I-Spy game

    Super silly phonics game for beginning readers inspired by Dr. Seuss!

    Teaching Children to Memorize WHOLE Words is Absurd!

    Use "magic E" wands to practice how adding an E at the end of the word changes the sound.

    Reading Tree for every phonics segment. Branches start out bare. After you've learned the letter sounds, add a leaf for every word you sound out. Very full tree by the end of the year!

    Easy salt tray.... a pencil box. LOVE IT!

    Hearing "which vowel?" is extremely important.

    Scaffolding help for name writing

    A fun way to learn letter sounds...

    Simple, fun. Let's use it for phonics blend ladders and 3 letter words.

    ALL the Phonics Charts/Rhyming/Printable/Less than $4

    Cut back on the amount used in the recipe. Place each type of fruit in its own bowl. Now play a game that teaches the letter sounds. For every 3 correct answers, take your tongs or a toothpick and add one type of fruit into a bowl. At the end of the game, serve this delicious, simple fruit salad with a favorite yogurt.

    Create a Salad Phonics Game. Grab a game board. Make your own pile of cards. Place one letter or phoneme ('t' or 'ing') on each card. Throw the dice, move your game piece and pick up a card for every turn. When the child reads the card correctly, have him scoop one of the salad fixins on top of the lettuce in a salad bowl. KIDS LOVE THIS GAME!

    Your preschooler can play the "cheese house" board game. Read directions in the comment (below).