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Grumpy Patronus…

Grumpy cat is grumpy to resemble soul-sucking creatures that represent depression is pretty sever..... (you might as well have a ginger patronus) haha I kid the ginges :)

32 Of The Funniest Pictures On The Internet

This is a temporary tower made entirely of water

Omg! I was sitting there staring at it like "why is there a Dalek in the pic?" Then I read the caption and I was like "oh...."....yup

Is it odd that pictures like this make me want to be married so much more than any romantic book or movie?

Rancher Nikki on

Firefox has encountered an unexpected problem with Windows! Nerd humor!

24 Times You Connected With Patrick Star On A Spiritual Level

And when Spongebob came to Patrick to have his most important questions answered it resonated with you.

My Favorite Grumpy Cat Memes

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