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  • Vesta Meiner

    Try a DIY back massage. Here's how: Lie on your back on an exercise mat or a carpeted floor. Position tennis balls under points where you have pain or tensionabove your pelvis, at your bra strap, between your shoulder blades. Roll gently up and down and side to side for 5 to 10 minutes as your body weight helps massage the stress away. cleverness

  • Leigh Joiner

    Traveling to a tropical resort isn’t your only vacation option. This summer, plan a “staycation” and unwind within (or just outside) your own four walls.

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powerful diagram re: how stress affects body.

Looking for a way to build core body strength and posture while also reducing your stress levels and trying to lose weight, but can't seem to find the time? No problem! Try a yoga workout from this collection of 10 free at-home yoga workouts for busy moms after your kids are in bed tonight and you'll feel a world of difference!

Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress!

The upper trapezius (traps) knot up very regularly and cause you to feel tight, hunched over and can often cause stress and tension headaches. All you need as a firm self massage/trigger point ball (Lacrosse ball is great if you’re in the USA!) and do the following exercise for a great myofascial release:

The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Know To Get In Shape; good for pre or post run when you can't make it to the gym

Don't be weird. A good glute massage can ease stress and tension throughout the body!

Hand massage to release tension in neck and refocus mind... Press the center of your right palm & rotate counterclockwise for a minute. Then do the same steps on your left hand. Don't you feel less stressed.

30-Minute No-Gym Bodyweight Workout 3 sets of 12-15 reps each

Yoga is great for tackling physical pain brought on by stress, anxiety, and depression.

This high-intensity bodyweight workout is a simple, effective way to work the whole body — without any machinery or extra equipment.

Pair this with a cardio workout and you've got a fantastic total body experience. (meaning you'll be experiencing all those muscle aches you love so much all over!!)