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    Self massage tip you can easily do at your desk. Good for tension, stiff neck and headache.

    Video - self massage for neck pain - YouTube so helpful before bed.

    8 ways to get better sleep: expert tips to improve your sleep (super helpful!)

    ❧ Self Lymph Drainage Massage - Wow, one of the best instructables I have found. Some of this I knew from treating my patient's edema, but the self massage for headaches & sinus pressure is excellent! If u suffer from headaches, chronic allergies, etc, this may be helpful to you ( @Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Kooy this might interest u, massage buff!)

    TMJ Massage: Pressure Points for Relief from Just did this and TENDER is an understatement. But I hope it helps!

    Work that neck!

    ▶ Specialty Massage Tips : Sciatica Treatment With Massage - YouTube

    Simple massage tips for tension headaches now in the blog. www.SimplecarePro... www.simplecarepro...

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    How To Treat And Cure Stiff Neck Or Shoulder To Ease The Pain. This is amazing!

    Abdominal Massage - I have found that an abdominal massage, using light to medium pressure for up to 30 minutes really speeds up the digestive system and gets things moving. You can do a simple kind of massage yourself - just lie on your back in bed and massage your stomach and abdomen in a clockwise motion. Talk to your Naturopath about using a Castor Oil pack, too. Helps with gas, constipation and bloating, along with stress reduction.

    how to give neck massage therapy

    Self Massage Exercises For Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

    Yoga For Headaches

    Basic Clinical Massage Therapy - Trapezius

    What nails tell us: White spots on nails can be due to zinc deficiency. Fine lines under the nails, near the tip, are caused by vitamin C deficiency. A shortage of vitamin D can lead to soft, peeling or brittle nails.

    Trapezius Trigger Points - Self Massage: The Trapezius is a major source of headache pain, typically the type of pain experienced as a “tension headache.” It can also be a cause of dizziness, jaw, and toothache pain. Tightness felt in the neck and back of the skull often comes from Trigger Points in the Trapezius.

    Relaxing Massage Tips To Help You Get The Best Relaxing Massage Ever - Massage In Harrow

    Stiff Neck Rx by fitsugar: Behind the Back Neck Stretch #Stiff_Neck

    MASSAGE - Basic Clinical Massage Therapy.

    How to Give a Back Massage: 23 steps (with pictures) - nice to know to work on giving better massages