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Tens Unit for All Areas of Pain

Tens Unit for All Areas of Pain. This device is used to deliver an electric current through electrodes that are placed on the skin. I have one of these but didn't know it could be used on so many places. I've just put it on my back and shoulder...need to experiment.

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Easy trick to relieve carpal tunnel, hand and wrist pain

Easy Trick To Relieve Carpal Tunnel, Hand And Wrist Pain : Easy Health Options™ – Natural News For A Healthy Life

Even if you don't have carpal tunnel, these are good exercises to do to strengthen your hands, fingers, and wrists, especially given how many of us use technology all the time nowadays.


The Ultimate Pool Workout

Get Toned in the Pool: Workouts


Healthy healing herbal teas and their benefits

Any Time Can Be Tea Time // In need of a detox? 10% off using our discount code Pin10 at

We live in a world where our hands and wrists become more used to typing and scrolling than gripping and ripping! That's why when people start to do more unorthodox exercise training such as handstands and crawling, they may experience wrist strains and pains.

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6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

Técnica de respiración 4-7-8 Respira por tu nariz contando hasta 4. Contén la respiración contando hasta 7 y suelta el aire fuerte (como inflando un globo) contando hasta 8. Repite el ciclo de 3 a 4 veces. Solo te tomará unos minutos pero bajara significativamente tus niveles de estres y aumentará tu sentido de bienestar casi inmediatamente.

Exercise is usually better for relieving sciatic pain than bed rest. You can rest for a day or two after their sciatic pain flares up, but after that time period, inactivity will usually make the pain worse. Try out these moves to get you back in action!


Understanding Pain anatomy poster


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Here's How to Use Tennis Ball to Relieve Your Sciatic Pain and Back Pain

How to Use Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Pain and Back Pain

This is such a cool website. You click which body part you want to work on and it gives you a ton of specified exercises.