I've started a drawing of this house. I think it is absolutely alluring.

Spooky house


Abandoned Houses in Detroit

gothic jail in Deridder, La

by Prodom . This is an abandoned house I found hidden in a backyard of an apartment building. I was amazed by its facade and managed to get inside climbing between the two brick walls (right side of photo, very close to each other houses) and get inside through a window.I will return there to haunt the second house as well, but also have a lot of target through the city.

Haunted House

creepy abandoned places | abandoned mansion | Tumblr


"Haunted" Victorian

Real Haunted House Photos | happen to be in Arizona on Halloween and looking for a haunted house ...

Old abandoned haunted house in Transylvania.

If it's NOT haunted, it should be! Even the birds flying around it are creepy. Love the house though! So unique...

Haunted House by jbarc in BC, via Flickr

derelict palace in Poland known by locals for being very haunted....

*ABANDONED ~ Galveston Texas - Haunted beach house!



dulwich london house

Delightfully creepy :)

Abandoned house in the winter time. I would love this house.