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    This nocturnal anemone is unusual in having stinging cells located on its column, in addition to the usual location on the tentacles. (Alicia sp.; Komodo, Indonesia)

    A selection of sea anemones, painted by Giacomo Merculiano, 1893


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    Genus Lybia (Boxer Crabs) also known as pom-pom crabs, Boxer Crabs are a genus of small crabs in the family Xanthidae (mud crabs). the name pom-pom/or boxer comes from the mutualism that they hold with sea anemones, in which they hold the cnidarian in their claws and use them for defense, and in turn the sea anemone gets more food by moving around.

    Alicia mirabilis

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    Pygmy seahorse in camouflage on a sea fan, Borneo, Malaysia. Photo by Vickie Coker, via : The pygmy seahore is less than an inch long and can camouflage itself by changing the color of its skin to match its surroundings. #Pygmy_Seahorse #Malaysia #Vickie_Coker #wired

    Rays - Focus On the Positive: The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation www.mosfoundation...