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Consciousness, creativity, orderliness, wholeness, and evolution are inherent in the cosmos and within us.~Deepak Chopra

"Flowers are love embodied. Look deeply at the color. Feel the vibrancy. Put your nose a little closer. Look deeply. Fall inside. Start your life over right here, right now, inside a flower." Lao Tzu

Flowers help you to know what to wear...yellow blouse, navy lace or eyelet skirt....yellow skirt, blue blouse.

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Beautiful Butterfy Images

Butterfly and flowers - nature is so inspiring for art art inspiration from nature

A little ray of sunshine.

yellow button flowers, Indigo Crossing. Lizzie these are the flowers I'm talking about. Kinda like dandelions.

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Alaska State Flower - Forget-Me-Nots

Alaska State Flower - Forget-Me-Not - Myosotis Alpestris Subsp. Asiatica