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I will never understand how George W. was re-elected after all the lies he told. Not to mention he just didn't seem that bright.

Republican Propaganda about gas prices and the facts - Republicans want to blame gas prices on Obama

I think I already pinned this. And I will pin it every time I see it. Get used to it.

[rape culture] I like this. Not only does it put things into perspective for men, it reminds me that being used to the way things are doesn't mean that's the way things SHOULD be. "Women feel nervous walking around alone" is so ingrained that we don't even question it.

correct...just like I dont want my children going to school in a prison where all of the teachers are armed.

"I want planned parenthood to be funded like Catholic charities, by individuals who believe in Planned Parenthood's mission." - Bill O'Reilly, 9-11-2012. In 2010, Catholic Charities USA received 62% of its revenue from taxpayer money.

Laws introduced in Wisconsin to classify single parenthood as child abuse??? wtf?

Vote Republican if you agree with them about gutting the EPA and removing any restrictions or regulations on corporations that protect our health and our environment. This is their Libertarianism. Ultimately, no restrictions on their ability to maximize profits at any cost to people or the environment.

So in other words if you are conservative, you are an asshole. That's about the nicest word I could come up with, but I do have some others that would describe you to a tee.