Seriously they are dipping bacon, why have I never thought of that. Vosges Gourmet Chocolate Recipe - Maple Chocolate Pudding with Bacon Spoon

Bacon glaseado con arce y café - Maple and Coffee Glazed Bacon

Maple-Candied Bacon

no bake dessert....Oreos, cream cheese, powdered sugar, chocolate pudding, and cool whip!

Maple Bacon Chocolate Truffles

Egg & Bacon Muffins - Martin?

Bacon Maple Pie

These Bacon wrapped water chestnuts are so incredibly simple to make and are so addictive and delicious!

Maple Bacon Donut Recipe // Bacon:

Chocolate Pudding

Maple Caramel Bacon Crack - this stuff is HIGHLY addictive and incredibly SIMPLE to make! Smoky, sweet, crispy and caramelized, you WILL want to make a double batch!

Guinness chocolate pudding. Though not a fan of Guinness proper, I'm game to try this.

#Pigskin Cheese Ball covered in #bacon-- 23 Most Glorious Balls Of Cheese You've Ever Seen:

18 Simple and Quick Dessert Recipes. Made this yummy dessert that consist of jello chocolate pudding with graham cracker and cool whip. Awesome dessert.

Amazing Bacon Maple Marshmallow Recipe I The actual result of this Frankenstein-style food exterminate is completely incredible. #BaconLove #Marshmallows

Vosges Gourmet Chocolate Recipe - Bacon Bar and Chorizo Stuffed Dates

Maple-Candied Bacon

Maple Bacon Cookies: chewy delicious maple cookies with bacon pieces. // Going to attempt a meat sweet treat per request. :)

Maple Pudding

Maple Bacon Cupcakes...... hmmmm completely unsteady about this idea, but people are raving it..... =/

Maple Bacon Kettle Corn via Bloomspot