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Capturing the power of the sea - Science (6,7). Harnessing energy from ocean waves is a newer type of technology for generating electricity. But what equipment do you need to capture wave energy and how does it work?

Our current system (2016) being tested off the coast of Perú. Captures the ocean waves responsibly in order to generate clean power and water while not putting our environment at risk!

Taking advantage of the triboelectric effect, Professor Zhong Lin Wang and his team at Georgia Tech are harvesting wasted power with nanogenerators that capture mechanical #energy from sources ranging from walking to ocean waves. The #technology is also used in a new type of self-powered sensor capable of detecting very minute vibrations. [VIDEO] #physics

Wave Harvester Technology Device developed by Australian energy company Perpetuwave Power has the potential to convert up to 40% of the energy contained in an area of ocean into electricity and operates over a wide capture width for a large energy footprint. It also offers 24/7 onsite servicing and maintenance to lower operational costs (Courtesy Perpetuwave Power).

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