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    Take Forbidden Drive to the Cave of the Monks of Wissahickon The story behind the street names dates back to June 1694, when a brotherhood of German mystics set up shop on the slopes of Wissahickon. Under the leadership of a 21 yr old, Johannes Kelpius, they practiced medicine, music, and good old-fashioned magic. Deep in the Wissahickon woods there's only 1 artifact left by the order: The stone-gabled cave where the master of the order practiced his solitary ways.

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    The Kelpis Monks

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Pennsylvania’s Mysterious Pyramids By the side of a small side-road between Quakertown and Dublin in Bucks County stands a memorial garden that’s no longer open to the public. It used to be a place of quiet reflection and peaceful meditation, but the group that ran it closed it down and painted No Trespassing signs all around it. Much

Isaac and Rosa 1863. Rosa is mixed race ancestry. Both were former slaves. Historic photos of "white" slaves

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The Mystery Lights of Hansell Road Between two cornfields near Buckingham, Bucks County, a gravel track called Hansell Road once led into the woods. For years, nighttime drivers would park there and switch off their headlights to see a strange set of lights off in the distance. One or two sets of lights would move around in the woods, sometimes red but more often green, and sometimes

Rittenhouse Town. near “the cave of Kelpius” Johannes Kelpius led a band of European Separatists to the banks of the Wissahickon in what is now Philadelphia's Fairmount Park in 1694.

Weird Pennsylvania: The Downingtown Gates of Hell

Unmarked graves at a state asylum. They were once someones child, sibling, parent, or friend. So sad.

Centralia PA -(Underground mine fire, burning for over 40 years, making town abandoned...and smoking, and inspiration for several creepy movies) As you drive north up Route 61 through Columbia County, the road suddenly narrows and swerves off to the right for a mile or so. You see empty shacks and abandoned cars by the roadside, and a huge sign screaming “Warning – Danger.”

The 'Lion Man,' preserved in the Ulmer Museum in Ulm, Germany. (View a full-scale image.) carved of mammoth ivory..Lionheaded Figurine discoved in 1939 in a cave in Germany

Al Capone’s cell at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Al complained of a ghostly visitor: a man who'd been slaughtered in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929. One of these victims, James Clark, had been Bugs Moran's brother-in-law, and The other Eastern State inmates could hear Capone at night screaming "Jimmy, leave me alone."

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