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Items similar to MISANDRY - Hair Barrette on Etsy

I hope you like feminst rants because that's kind of my thing #NwGirl

Simple Summer. Love this for a casual dress up

Leather bodice tapered black skirt

Dandelion Wish Necklace. I think im in love

Stop Telling Women to Smile: Around The Country by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh — Kickstarter

16 'Cnt' necklace MATURE by MyCharmOffensive on Etsy

This is showing the truth behind advertising and modeling world. Everyone in the fashion model or advertising is all the same, pretty, skinny white girl who give unrealistic visions of what beauty really is. This has caused girls to question themselves and think they will never be good enough until they look like the girls they see in the media

Make a bow when you have a longer belt.

Studded clutch

vintage 1950s dress . one shoulder . white by millstreetvintage

not a bad word. I really want my firs to feel comfortable with their bodies. It's not a crotch or "private parts" or "down there".

Sing it, bell hooks


Patty simpsons button badge

funny little doodles by Natalya Lobanova.

thomas the tank engine birthday cake

Harry Potter spells shirt

suzuki motorcycle

Wow! Kansas State University is the place to play a show! So much jumping, smil