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GERMAN AIR FORCE . LUFTWAFFE (WW2) Ergänzungsjagdgeschwader 2 III./EJG 2Lechfeld, 1945Oberstleutnant Heinz Bär

The Focke-Wulf Triebflügeljäger, an experimental German vertical take-off and landing aircraft propelled by a three-bladed jet-powered rotor.

How successful were Luftwaffe rockets against the US 8th Air Force ...

The Junkers Ju 390 was a German aircraft intended to be used as a heavy transport, maritime patrol aircraft, and long-range bomber, a long-range derivative of the Ju 290. It was one of the aircraft (along with the Messerschmitt Me 264 and Focke-Wulf Ta 400) submitted for the abortive Amerika Bomber project.

Warplanes Through History WWI And WW2

30 Mar Anti-Nazi German pilot Hans Fey intentionally lands his 'Schwalbe' (Swallow) jet fighter at the American held Rhein/Mein airdrome and hands it over in full working condition, giving the Allies their first ever close-up look at one.