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Avoid Hard Work gives a playful view on ten powerful problem-solving techniques. It is for parents, teachers, math circle leaders, and others who work with children ages three to ten. The book will come out in the Fall…Read more ›

I Have, Who Has... {Using a Protractor}

Great game to practice finding the area of triangles and quadrilaterals. Your class will beg for it not to end.

Stacked: Learning With Styrofoam Cups

Stacked cup ideas for several content areas-in Civics use for timelines, classifying, influential documents...

Differentiating with Area and Perimeter - Use Tangrams and a ruler to have students practice identifying and finding perimeter and area of irregular polygons.

CUBES is a strategy for solving math word problems. You can use it as an anchor chart or put it into a math journal for quick reference.C = Circle key numbers and unitsU = Underline the questionB = Box math "action" wordsE = Evaluate and eliminateS = Show your work and check Please leave feedback if you download :) If you have any questions or suggestions, email me at