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Math designs on the beach! More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

Math games for a group kids. More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

6 BIG adventures in #StreetMath

Make your math BIG when you play and create in your yard or on the streets. More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

These games invite a group of people to explore networks, maps, and graphs through their whole bodies. Great for a camp or a math circle! More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

Try this Human Graph Theory game with your playgroup or math circle! More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

It may be interesting to recreate this digital art in the park, at the beach, or at the gym. Kids may have easier time of this, because of different body proportions. More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at

A 1,100-Foot Superdesk That's Like A Mobius Strip For Office Productivity

The Barbarian Group design firm constructed 1100-foot Mobius strip desk. It symbolizes connections among all their workers. This is an example of a principle of math ed called "disruption of scale". More on #BodyScaleMath and #OutdoorsMath at