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Debbie Evans.. enjoying a Sunday ride... through a wall of flames! Stuntswoman ruler.

I like her "Queen and King" seating arrangement.

Female Harley enthusiast wrenching... rad!

It's been awhile since I've found a solid vintage wheelie by a female rider.... Bultaco Alpina 350. NSW Australia, 1974

Behind the scenes of one of my favourite ads! Chares and Ray Eames posing on a Velocette motorcycle, 1948 via First Run Features

She's killing it! Mad Max potential. Photo from Tom Fugle

I've posted a few of riders with their dogs, but this is different.... Marjorie Dare with a lion at the Wall of Death, 1930s

Always stoked on girl gangs... The NJ Cycle Sisters

Sisters Oddny & Sigrid. They worked as milk maids during summer, a job that once occupied many girls who lived in the Norwegian countryside. circa 1925

Nancy Payne back in the 60s competing in Holland on her dirtbike

Coolest dirtbike rider on the farm... I dig her set-up!

Ester Stevens of Newark, New Jersey poses on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Wu Lizhu 鄔麗珠, the “The Oriental Female Fairbanks,” riding an early 30’s BSA B33 single. Wu starred in the "Oriole the Heroine" films of the late 50s and early 60s

This is 1922, and our lady rider and friend have reached the summit of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Another fun photo of the Debenham sisters in the late 1920s, from their classic book "Motor-Cycling for Women." Winter does not deter these adventurous ladies.

Renee left school at 15, and went into the family business... Around this time, Renee began riding in earnest on a James Captain 198cc, but at only 7 stone and of slender build the skill of trials riding was not easy to master... From humble beginnings she emerged as Britain’s best known lady rider in a career spanning a quarter of a century.

Renee Bennett’s interest in trials riding began watching father ‘Wag‘, an East London nickname for ‘Charles‘, riding motorcycles around the docks near his cycle and motorcycle shop. Renee’s parents were hard working East Londoners. They opened their first shop in the late 1920’s in Victoria Dock Road.

1935 all-women's race in the Hague, Holland.

Now we're talking vintage! A fine lady in some kind of "race" or tour in 1885. Baffled by the bike, but a pretty cool photo.

Genius! Taking her cleaning business on the road with a motorbike and sidecar. London 1933.

circa 1934: Nancy Debenham setting off for a motorcycle rally in Nottingham with her pet dog Bill on board. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Credit: Hulton Archive / stringer

November 1923: Nancy Debenham giving a group of children a ride on her motorcycle (a 1923 Douglas). (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) Credit: Topical Press Agency / stringer

This has got to be Poncho the dog with Betty and Nancy Debenham, and friend riding their BSAs in the early 1920s... going on some wild adventure as usual.

Finally I found her! This is a photo of Jennie Forrie in 1923 who was banned from competing in hill climb events because she was the only female, but still "crashed" the Delaware Gap event and went for it, blowing everyone away. Made several newspapers.

1940s ride and picnic... looks like a fun crew of good people