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Dorothy and Alice by Helen Green - this has been going around Facebook with a couple of (funny) captions. I love all the opposites: brunette/blonde, socks/stockings, cat/dog, white under/white over, hair out/hair in, bow up/bow down, buckles/heels etc...

10 Alice in Wonderland, Raggedy Ann, Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Valentines Dress Apron Tea Pot Tea Party Invitations

Drawing on the rich heritage of erotica, Lost Girls is the rediscovery of the power of ecstatic writing and art in a sublime union that only the medium of comics can achieve. Featuring Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy of Kansas, and Wendy Dear!

Brandee Younger, a Harpist Finding Her Way to Jazz

Ms. Younger took a circuitous route through classical music to become a musician building on the achievements of Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane.

Dorothy / Ruby slipper printable party invitations and envelopes 4x6" or 5x7"