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I need to heed this advice for sure…."No exceptions. Today has not been an easy day for me. I’ve had to make decisions that make my heart hurt. But, the bottom line is this: doing the right thing will always win in the end. Doing the right thing with love at your core will give you and everyone around you wings." - Lara

"NO! Don't do it! Please wait!" Her footsteps hit the ground in a staccato tap, as she raced toward the horrifying scene of her brother's bowed head and the axe lingering just inches from his neck. She had to save her brother from losing his head at the mercy of the Gringots.

"Tu tomaste lo que mas amaba en el mundo. Pero, llego la hora de olvidar y cerras las heridas. Esta guerra se acabo" Dis hacia Shetlock

Eros Pour Femme Versace Fragrance Ad

Let's talk about girl power? Lara Stone in Versace Eros Pour Femme is GOOOOOOOOOORRRRGEEEEEEEOOOOOOOUUUUSSS! <3

Thank you, Emily, for sharing this quote with me tonight. I needed it. Note to self: God has this. You cannot be perfect. You are more than enough just as you are. You cannot please everyone. But you CAN love deeply and focus on what matters. God breaks us down to build us back up again, stronger and more focused. More compassionate and connected to Him. More sure and humble. More joyful and free. So, when you just can’t do any more, don’t. Surrender and give thanks. He’s got this and you…