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27 DIY Cool Cork Board Ideas, Instalation & Photos

the-etranger: Love my study space at the moment. the-etranger: “Love my study space at the moment !

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studyaway: morningoats: Woooo apush mid term on Friday! This is the way to spend a Saturday Pretty. - Can i like, have this person's handwriting?

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If you're gonna grab my attention then don't get mad if I still have to do this as my job. Yea I'll still be online. nothin else.

I will never stop doing this even though I know it's incredibly counter-productive.  #TypeA

study motivation (side note: studying at 2 am probably isn't the healthiest life choice)

Writing in Notebooks

study motivation This makes me want to pull out my books, arrange my desk in the similar way and study away!