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L1M1AP3 Auto, hand held F/11 1/250 sec ISO-100 Focal length 25mm Thia is at a farm, the red hose reel stood out infront of the old building but im not sure if this is what you were asking for in composotion and balance?

L1M1AP3 Framing/Viewpoint. Handheld, taken from directly infront. Auto, ISO 200, shutter speed 1/320 at f/6.3, focal length 250mm.

L1M1AP3 viewpoint iso 100 f 3.5 50mm at 1/100 infront of object on a slight angle

1/40 sec. f/6.3 15 mm ISO 125 Auto pentax. from directly infront

L1M1AP3 hand held F/9 1/200 sec ISO-100 Focal length 40mm Viewpoint from above makes her look short.

L1M1AP3 Auto hand held. F/7.1 1/125 sec ISO-100 Focal length 40mm Viewpoint from below. Shay gave me a bit of her time between naps.Makes her face a bit out of proportion.

L1M1AP3 Auto, hand held F/13 1/320 sec ISO-100 Focal length 50mm Viewpoint from below the flowers look tall.