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I like this example of reflection because the trees frame the moon, and its symmetrical.

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somethingmore999: “Compilation of Galaxy Earrings• Blue & Green ($5.99) • Moon Stud Earrings ($5.99) • Galaxy Stud Earrings ($5.99) • Lightened Galaxy Earrings ($4.99) • Green Galaxy Earrings...

Kane Strangs first proper album, Blue Cheese, picks up on the rough disaffection of his earlier demo collection, A Pebble and a Paper Crane, which he recorded in a WWII bomb shelter in Germany. Back in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, Strang spe...

"They weren't the kind you hear in stories, more life-like. They looked like real people, but darker and sort of hazy. Like a shadow was cast over their entire bodies. They sort of hovered, sort of walked."

The Bible tells us quite clearly in Daniel 2 that there will be a revival of the Holy Roman Empire just before the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is rising back to power right now, but today it is simply under the name of the European Union. President Bush… “IT SOUNDS LIKE THE ROMAN EMPIRE”