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Campo, CO  Tornado

An Amazing Tornado Touches Down in Campo, Colorado

At Least 5 Dead, 71 Injured From Oklahoma Tornadoes - Video Dailymotion

Lyons, Kansas 2012

Severe Weather Video from

This tornado touched down in Lyons, Kansas on April (iWitness weather user:jmcdermed))

Kelly DeLay - Double rainbow with tornado. Simla, Colorado.

How a Storm Chaser Captured a Terrifying Double Tornado

The image shows a tornado in progress northwest of Virgil, Kansas on May 30th, 1982. This is the intermediate stage of the largest tornado I have ever witnessed. It was the third of four tornadoes we would photograph that afternoon and had been on the ground for about 20 minutes. Ten minutes after this photo was taken the funnel faded from sight to our northeast.        These tornadic storms formed on a warm front that was moving slowly across eastern Kansas. It was anchored by a low…

large tornado nw of virgil

Campo tornado Baca County, Colorado to Boise City, Oklahoma

woman, son survive flying through tornado in bathtub, report says

From earthquakes to volcanic eruptions to hurricanes, natural disasters reveal the fearsome power of Mother Nature. Scientists are studying these phenomena to better understand them and find better ways to predict and prepare for them.

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