awesome name

this is awesome

this. is. awesome.

awesome dog

Things dad said to his children as illustrations…would be cute using funny things kids have said too.

funny-Sochi-problems-Hotel-room-broken. My fav was the trading the light bulbs for a door knob...

THAT IS AWESOME---- I saw "Hold on to that feeling" and I thought "but it's that song, but why does it stand there...?" then I saw it

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Prepare to feel the wrath of....WATERMELON BOY! @Holli Downs Cowan here is Pat's halloween costume this year.

Justin Bieber Or Harry Potter....Harry Potter ten times out of ten.... also i freaking love the voice..

I'm pretty sure MC Hammer jokes will never get old. Haha! |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Funny animals||Squirrels||Hammer time funny||Thor||The Avengers|

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The true story of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

hahahaahaha I'm dying right now

If life hands you lemons…I pinned his because it truly made me laugh! So funny! xoxo Ania

fucking awesome lol

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idk why but these George Washington memes always make me laugh so hard xD