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    My new X-Men decoupaged photo frame. Perfect for that Dad or Grad!! Only $10.50 +sh. A must for any comic book lover.

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That's no moon... it's a Death Star shift knob!

Star Trek cat house

Geek Fandom Logo Pinback Buttons Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Firefly, Zelda. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Merlin on Etsy, $1.50


Cooking apron costume by HauteMessThreads on Etsy,

If you fully understand this, you are a great person!

Perfect for fans of the original series run, this Star Trek Pint Glass set features Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott.

Star Trek Data's Data T-Shirt | Star Trek Shop

You are missed my beloved friend!

Captain James T. Kirk - Star Trek. Hotness or Geekery board. Both!

Captain Picard Star Trek The Next Generation

The Captain's Log. I actually LOLed.

I love this! You are the Kirk to my Spock Star Trek coffee by OnDisplayGraphix

Star Trek duvet covers. Will go perfectly with my TNG captains baht robe. Need!

Tribbles! Star Trek humor...


Star Trek TNG... Hitting a TARDIS? Haaaaa!

Star Trek

Dr. Leonard McCoy

Run Like Dean Just Saw You Crash the Impala. | this shirt is completely non motivational. You stop and let him catch up with you and make out with him. Duh.

The "Power of Three" Fandoms on Tumblr [gifset] - Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Star Trek, Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, Hobbit, Villians {Khan, Loki, Moriarty), Firefly, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Sleepy Hollow.

Nintendo Controller Backpack

Nintendo through the years