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Barn Finds

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old gas pump Notice the contains lead sign. Once lead paint was banned, every country on Earth experienced a significantly decreased crime rate exactly one generation later

rust - and the green of the moss/mold=florescent! Great Båstnäs car graveyard by Martino ~ NL, via Flickr

Rust | さび | Rouille | ржавчина | Ruggine | Herrumbre | Chip | Decay | Metal | Corrosion | Tarnish | Texture | Colors | Contrast | Patina | Decay |

awesome barn find . . . don't know where, but I wouldn't mind finding something like this! Dream on, dream on. . . sigh.

Barn find ovel windowed convertible VW bug!

Barn finds. Why don't we find these things in South Africa????????

what a find ... to be so lucky appreciated by Motorheads Performance www.classiccarssa...

Model A Ford sedan hiding in barn

A time when a Harley looked good. :-)

old What is the difference beetween Indian and Harley? Harley is for sell Share the love :)