Cast Iron Design Company: Jack Sinclair Identity I’m lov­ing Cast Iron’s iden­tity for Jack Sinclair, a let­ter­press stu­dio. They declare it a “designer’s dream project”, and I def­i­nitely agree. To learn more about their process for this par­tic­u­lar project, be sure to head on over to their blog where they describe it in quite a bit more depth.

impression étiquette Cocorico Letterpress avec orange fluo ! #LoveLetterpress

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[ #businesscard + design + logo + typography ] Mama's Sauce business cards - link to how they did it

Business card design.

Vodafone Ads by Telegramme Studio

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getaways. j fletcher design.

A Letterpress Business Cards | Business Cards | The Design Inspiration

70 Most Beautiful Print Magazine Covers: DESIGN Dose

Letterpress Business Card

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Henry & Co.

Business Card for Hair Stylist / Letterpress

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oh letterpress.

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The golden ratio in design/ sección aurea

Some tattoos I could actually see myself getting - temporary ones (with good design).

AWD- this is just cool....Simple, modern, minimalist letterpress business card with gold. Design inspiration.