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    Drawing of the hand and wrist, circa 1900 By Elisa Schorn. From the anatomical literature and drawings collection at Heidelberg University—HeidICON.

    SPRING SALE 20% Bird Feather Art Print - Natural History Antique Illustration - Woodland Forest Art - Scientific Illustration Vintage Print. $24.00, via Etsy.

    Eggs of American song-birds.

    Amazing Botanical Illustrations by Ernst Haekel . . . | Content in a Cottage

    Ernst Haeckel

    Tobias Kwan

    TEACHING EYE SURGERY WITH CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY, 1870 In 1870, a French ophthalmologist named Edouard Meyer included a series of photos in his textbook on surgery. The film of the era was too "slow" to take photos of actual operations, so he staged photos using cadavers. In this photo, a clamp holds the eye open to show where a scalpel should be positioned to remove a cataract.

    This is the original model Francis Crick and James Watson built, and it is the first accurate depiction of the structure of DNA.


    The anatomy of plants / Nehemiah Grew, 1641-1712.


    clematis root microscopic cross section. © Tom Grundy

    thank you, Mr. Asimov

    Anatomical painting probably used for teaching purposes (Iran, second half of the 19th century).

    The Human Skeleton and Muscles - Johann Georg Heck

    Captain Valentine Barnard’s depiction of a bowhead and a sperm whale, 1810


    Ernst Haekel

    ernst haekel

    Nepenthaceae - Ernst Haekel

    Ink, Blood, and Magic: Ernst Haekel

    Hepaticae (liverworts), Kunstformen der Natur, plate 82, Ernst Haekel. (1904)

    "The Treasure's Book": Ernst Haekel Prints and Jewelry by Michael Baumgarten for Vogue Gioello

    Ernst Haekel - Scientific Drawings