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    My Historical Novel about kids who time-travel to the colonial period. A great way to get kids interested in history and sneak in the state and common core learner standards at the same time. Buy it for your e-reader at Amazon or Barns and Noble, or visit The Social Studies Coach at www.historyqueste...

    Common core literacy; teaching social studies thru literature, novel studies, etc.

    Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? I have unpacked the standards and created a resource that is perfect for assessing your students

    Here are some great ways to teach many common core standards through Social Studies inquiry circles. A great way to do research projects in the classroom!

    Common Core and Social Studies

    Blog post about teaching the research common core standards through Social Studies. Includes FREE resources! by One Stop Teacher Shop.

    Save time as you prepare to review your students for testing with this lesson that covers several common core standards. Informational text passages, activities, answer keys, and writing lesson.

    Original 13 Colonies Facebook and Questions Activity (8 pages KEY)Common Core ELA History Social Studies Standards: 2,4,7Facebook is becomin...

    Common Core Resources for Any Subject/Content Area - Grades 9-12: Includes materials for reading, vocabulary, speaking/listening, research projects, and Common Core check lists. Every activity aligned with the CCSS. Discounts for schools to purchase licenses for staff; POs accepted. www.teacherspayte...

    "Common Core in the Content Areas" - A new weekly blog series on incorporating the Common Core Standards in Science and Social Studies. This first post was on using the book You Wouldn't Want to be an American Pioneer.

    Story & book creator apps that students can use to meet the Common Core Writing Standards

    Read a free preview of my upcoming Middle Grade novel that teaches the Colonial Period, while integrating the Common Core Literacy Standards and fascinating students at www.historyqueste...

    States and Capitals Bundle is intended to help students learn the states, capitals and abbreviations and to help spark student interest United States Social Studies. $

    Social Studies

    Social Studies Ideas for Elementary Teachers: Time Lines

    Arts, Social Studies, and ELA New York State Common Core standards are encapsulated in this fun and creative colonies activity! Children will love completing this project, and will be learning about the colonies while having fun!

    A checklist for students and teachers to keep track of met Common Core standards and objectives....

    chapter cloze review

    Middle colonies, southern colonies and early colonial slavery review and quiz. 48 task cards, recording sheets and 15 question quiz and all answer keys! 5th grade social studies

    Grade Four Common Core Text Structure Activity Cards for Standard RI.4.5. This standard asks students to describe different text structure formats. This collection of activity cards TEACHES AND REVIEWS description, cause and effect, problem/solution and more formats. It also includes a printable box for easy storage. $4

    PERFECT for Social Studies integration with ELA! U.S. Government texts for 4th & 5th grade PERFECT for use in Social Studies context or integrated into ELA during guided reading groups! Could also be given as homework! Common core questions and answer keys included.