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Guinep - A small, grape-like fruit with a green skin and a large seed surrounded by a thin layer of sweet, fleshy pulp. Read more:

Starapple - Fruit can be purple or green depending on the variety. When cut in half there is an attractive star pattern. The flesh is sweet and tastes very smooth and aromatic Read more:

Tamarind is an edible tropical fruit used mainly as flavor in Asian cuisines. However ripe fruit pulps are sweet and can be eaten raw

Guinep is a fun fruit to eat. It has a thin skin that is inedible and the fruit is to be sucked and scraped off the seed. I don't know how to describe the flavor. The fruit stains your clothes so watch out.

**Doko, a tropical fruit with a thick, rough, pale yellow colour skin and no latex when torn. The flesh is thick,clear,sweet or sweet-sour, thin-seed or seedless

Jamaican Otaheite Apple – Also called Malay Apple. The fruit is oblong to pear shaped with a dark red skin and white flesh; sometimes it is seedless. The plant may used as a remedy for diabetes and constipation. Read more:

Jamaican Fruits...."Guinep" Bite the lime looking shell and suck out the seed which is covered in pulp which you then suck from the seed. A sweet and sour at same time, but Delicious!!!