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Jamaican guineps - one of my favorite fruits

Starapple - Fruit can be purple or green depending on the variety. When cut in half there is an attractive star pattern. The flesh is sweet and tastes very smooth and aromatic Read more:

Jamaican Mangoes - Most mangoes start off with a dark green skin color and develop patches of gold, yellow, or red as they mature. The skin is smooth and encloses yellow to orange flesh that is softly moist and richly flavored. There are hundreds of different varieties of mangoes. Read more:

A slew of Caribbean favorites - yesssss

These are Quenepas from Puerto Rico, otherwise known as JA: Guineps / Nica: Mamoncillo / Haiti: Quenepe ...among other words

Jamaican Apple, my favourite! O'Tahiti Apple brought to us by himself Cap't Cook Jamaicanized to sound like ohtaeati apple

Ting, a soft drink made with grapefruit. A #Jamaican favourite!

The breadfruit is a Tropical Fruit that is used as a vegetable. It must be cooked to be eaten. It is used like a potato or yam, and can be prepared in various ways. For more on Healthy Carbohydrate foods. princessshimari.c...

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a classification of coffee grown...#coffee #travel #jamaica

Guinep--Small fruit with thin green skin like grapes. Grows in bunches and is most widely used in desserts. Guava--Sweet oval-shaped fruit, to be eaten raw or stewed; often used for jelly. Flesh varies from white to deep pink. Jamaican Nutmeg--Brown oval seed, covered with a thin brown shell with red lacy network, which is ground and used as seasoning.