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That’s way too much nope…

This spider snacking on a snake. | 19 Everyday Sights In Australian Backyards >> Meanwhile in Australia...


Nightmarish Nursery Rhymes: Putting a Morbid Twist on Children's Stories

Okay im sorry but you cant but laugh at this lol... #CreepyPasta


Yes, I Cried

I would just leave and never return...


My nightmares just got real…

I just had to Google African Cave Spider... thought this was a crab or something. Unfortunately, I can confirm that this is a real spider... the spikey "arms" are actually its jaws. The first thin pair of legs, are modified legs that are about twice as long as it's other legs, and are whips that it uses to feel it's way around in dark caves.

Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Hell Nope! – 30 Pics This is more like"Oh Hell No!" rather than a simple nope.

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15 Things That Will Make You Say NOPE

I'm having a panic attack after looking at this. NOPE NOPE NOPE. | 15 Things That Will Make You Say NOPE

Light-up shoes help me run faster, Mom! hahaha, just the look on her face makes me laugh!

Wait for it....wait for it...... {This took me a minute, but haha--very clever!}

The Creepiest Thing I've ever read