• Britney Ammon

    OMG I have cold chills! I hate spiders! I would definitely have to burn the house down after seeing the meaty legs on that thing...ugh gross

  • wolғĸaι

    funny pictures dumpaday images (909)

  • Carter Robertson

    Just the house? Excuse me, I thinks it burn down the neighborhood.

  • Cayla Smith

    a time to light the house on fire big spiders

  • Mrs.Garcia

    Oh HELL NO!!

  • Lenka

    I'm gonna burn the neighbors house down too just to make sure the damn thing is dead.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....omg!!!!! Why?!??!? Why does this even exist?!?!?!?!? When I see creatures like this it makes me want to tell ID people that God must have either been drink or trippin' when he "designed" this nightmare!!

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