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Russia, Male Belarus and Male Ukraine! I love these three together, yet they all screw up thier relations. (Praying for Ukraine so Russia can stop his attacking)

Coughcough ahem… I do believe a beating is in order. Someone bring me a very big stick, a rose, a bottle of wine, a cut out of England and a box.>> I just love this poor Spain

HWFC 03 - US v. Seychelles by kanae on DeviantArt Like this.

Oh my god Russia XD<< with the kolkolkol on top then the raep and France with the SEX PLS sign and Iggy with the unicorn.

Oooh I love this so much! (Bottom says: “Rulers in History: Which do you recognize?”)

Russia, Prussia, and Denmark and Norway are my favorite.

Chibi Prussia Diaries -005- by Arkham-Insanity on deviantART

You know I think Chibi Prussia should have tried for a smaller target.the Roman Empire is worthy prey, but.Yeah Grandpa Rome can be kinda scary when you get on his bad side Germania wan.

[Rochu]Walk With You All The Way by ChinChuan.deviantart.com on @deviantART China and Russia through the years.

~(≧▽≦)/~ No doubt that I will give my all love to Rochu! [Rochu]Walk With You All The Way

F♥ck you USA

I am applauding Russia, Belarus, and China. ^J^ <<< Aww poor America though XD<< Haha take that Papa! Rochu and Sister strikes again!