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Gangnam’ edges out Justin Bieber’s video for his song ‘Baby’. South Korean rap star Psy’s music video “Gangnam Style” on Saturday became the most-watched item on YouTube with over 800 million views, edging past teen star Justin Bieber’s 2-year-old video for his song “Baby.” The milestone was the latest pop culture victory for Psy, 34, a portly rap singer known for his slicked-back hair and dance style who has become one of the most unlikely stars of 2012.

Vertical velocity has constant acceleration due to gravity: -9.80m/s^2. Vfy=49.0 m/s , 50.0m horizontal displacement (assuming no drag, and he does not try to spread his arms out to glide), time to touchdown=5.0s, striking the earth at a 112degree angle from the horizon.