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12 Most Groovy Power Pop Websites

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Live Painted Models Blend Seamlessly into Graffiti Background

Alexa Meade turns to street art painting & her models turn into live monochrome stencils to integrate on her graffiti filled walls. The results is really impressive, & it's hard to tell the difference between her living & painting walls models!

My grade seven students were learning about Greece and the teacher wanted some ideas how to integrate art into this theme. Part of the unit involved writing a myth. In social studies class the students wrote their myth and painted their ideas on large construction paper and what integration was happening in the art room? They created amazing paper mache red and black figure Greek vases with recycled cardboard pieces and painted their myth on them. See more about this lesson

Artist Alexa Meade uses live models as support for her hyper-realistic acrylics, to carry her designs into reality. In this new series, Alexa Meade turns to street art painting her models how to live in monochrome stencils to integrate on graffiti-filled walls. The results are really impressive, & it's hard to tell the difference between her living & the wall paintings models!

I love incorporating literature whenever possible. This charming rabbit was inspired by The Hare and the Tortoise by Brian Wildsmith. It is painted with acrylic, and then oil pastel textures were added over the top. I may just do this with my little ones next month! Visit MaryMaking - Highlights from my Children's Art Classes for more wonderful ideas.

t Information This painting marks a new direction in my art. I have always admired the practice of architecture and wanted to somehow integrate it into my paintings. The goal was to design a structure that will signify the solution to a problem. The problem is modern day communities and the way they are structured. This is my solution. It’s a cluster individual homes. Everything is close and safe. Imagine living here! Size: 18″ x 24″ Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Not Warhol (Sixteen Silver Marilyns, 1963). Mike Bidlo.1985. Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas.190 x 178 cm. Just like in Pop art, Bidlo uses existing images to integrate into a new form of art.