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Data Visualisation

After being dubbed “sexiest job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, data scientists...#bigdata

KARTOGRAPH.ORG - tvorba vektorových máp

Forestry Infographics - Michael Paukner #Ourfocus #Social #Media #Interesting #Infographic #Graphics

Front Page Fingerprint: the formal elements of the New York Times front page such as white space, headline size and length, body copy, imagery and color palette are shown for each day.

The Designer’s Toolkit [infographic]

The Miso Project. @Brendon Volpe

Data Visualization - Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards

How to Build a Website in 2015 - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics the book

film data visualization

SAIL, the financial dashboard.

Katie Lewis | Data Visualization

Tools affecting change in classrooms all over the world #elearning #edtech #education

Information Graphics in Context, a project illustrating a ranked list of social concerns in Denmark. Lots more awesomeness at the link.

data visualisation tools

Visual Models for Data Visualization by Stefania Guerra, via Behance