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Art Nouveau Ink Well by Charles Korschann 6"H x 14"L Charles Korschann was considered one of the leading proponents of the French Art Nouveau movement. His Art Nouveau figural sculpture, sculptural lighting devices and desk pieces are highly collectible. This charming inkwell/pentray is patinated with gilt children and a frog.

Humbert Albrizio - "Mask no. 4", 1956 Stunning hammered lead sculpture featuring the face of a young woman. This piece is listed in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art under control number IAS 9E990025 Reference: HUMBERT ALBRIZIO, Sculpture & Drawings/ Art Gallery and School of Art/ The University of Iowa, 1966, no. 51 : Hammered Lead mounted on original two-tier wood base

Louis Chalon "Sea Sprites", c.1895 Louis Chalon is considered one of the great French Art Nouveau sculptors of the Late19th/Early 20th Century. His creative sculptural designs were greatly admired during the Art Nouveau period and continue to be avidly collected today. “Sea Sprites” vase is a prime example of his genius. This rare bronze seldom appears on the art market and this beautiful example combines the gilt Sea Sprites contrasted against a patinated background.

Henry Linder Pair of Art Nouveau Bronze Andirons, 1896 Beautiful Bronze andirons by the artist Henri Linder. Bronzes depict the busts of a small female and male child in a rich dark brown patina. Andirons are signed with monogram and dated 1896.

Dmitri Hadzi - Scylla and Charybdis II, 1971 Bronze sculpture with black patina: Signed Hadzi and numbered VII/VII This cast is a study for the full size model currently in the collection of the artist Full Size Model Illustrated: Dmitri Hadzi, Hudson Hill Hills Press, New York, 1996, Page 101 This piece is listed in the Smithsonian Museum of Art under control number IAS 9E990041 7 1/4"H

Hans Hansen for Royal Copenhagen Vase Art pottery Denmark, 1937 Spherical body in celadon glaze with impressed floral decoration and frog figure in relief at one side, with Royal Copenhagen stamp in green, three-wave mark, HHH artist's cipher

Louis-Ernest Barrias "Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science", 1893 This earliest version of the sculpture was exhibited as a life-size marble at the Salon of 1893. A reduction was later exhibited at the Salon of 1899 is now in the Louvre. A more common later variation of the subject, robed except for the breasts, appears to be dated to 1902. This fully 'nude' model is extremely rare & seldom appears on the art market. Signed E Barrias with the Susse Fres Paris foundry mark.

Isidore Konti "Reverence Before Knowledge", 1911 Stunning bookend figures by the artist Isidore Konti. Bronzes are signed I. Konti (C) Gorham Founders 0472, #48. Reference: The Hudson River Museum, The Sculpture of Isidore Konti, reference number 42.

Chaim Gross - "Circus Girl" c.1940-1945 Wood Carving Beautiful sculpture of a young girl evoking attitude by the artist Chaim Gross. Signed: Chaim Gross, Limited Edition Robinson Galleries, Inc. NY.

George Gach - "Man in Chariot" Art Deco Bronze Plaque, c.1950 17"H x 20"L on original wood base Signed G. Gach $1,800

Etched-Slate Plaque Description: Eliscu is perhaps best remembered as the sculptor who designed The Heisman Trophy although throughout his long career he produced much fine sculpture in a wide variety of materials. Many of his ‘Black Slate” sculptures now reside in museums throughout the country. This particular image is probably one of the most ‘striking’ of his slate pieces Etched and incised Black Slate; Signed Eliscu Shown without frame. 15 x 28 x 3/8 inches