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CEO of Lenovo shares his three million dollar bonus with employees

If only everyone believed this too

8 tips for ditching your cell phone contract early!

"Software engineer" topped a ranking of the 200 best jobs. Here are 10 other tech-related occupations that made the list.

Very wise words... Learn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. And most of all, care for people without expectation. #learning #life #quotes #words #inspiration

People being people! <3

BREAKING: Google's Marissa Mayer has reportedly been named CEO of Yahoo http://cnet.co/SCv0Bz

C. S. Lewis #quote #inspiration #thoughts #life

3 Things to look for in a Computer Repair Technician

very good advice

Chinese phone maker Oppo creates world’s thinnest smartphone

people who are well liked: 1. ask for nothing 2. laugh at themselves 3. listen with interest 4. rarely complain 5. inspire others 6. teach 7. give

Why is this?

Timing email marketing

Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed new software which analyzes health with a click of your tongue

Chinese Volkswagen ad brings flying cars to life

Is Instagram finally coming to Windows Phone later this month? #socialmedia #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamarketing #digital #social network #seo #contentmarketing #socialnetwork #websites

HP Creates Pop-Open Computer For Tinkerers

Chopstick + spork = Kung Foon

Best pic ever

New Microsoft software being developed can translate your voice into 26 different languages, including Chinese