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Ryan Lochte.. sexyy

ryan lochte - obviously my future husband would get banned from the olympics because he wore a grill!!

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer. and God Bless America... I might need to begin to follow swimming more closely;).

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer This is the kind of hot guy I write about! www.bethanymichae...

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer, and God Bless America!

Ryan Lochte. Team USA indeed.

ryan lochte - Future husband

Olympic hottie ryan lochte

ryan lochte. Eye candy


Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer

Wow! Look at that hot tub! Oh hey, Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer, didn't see you there ;)

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer…..whoever said swimming wasnt sexy was seriously DUMB

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer......WOW F*CKING HOT GUY O_O <3_<3

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer..why yes I will jump in #food

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer #Recipe #hair #food #DIY

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer #Sexy #Men #Olympians

Hot tub with Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer.

Eye candy...

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Ryan Lochte with his nephew, I just died

Shirtless Ryan Lochte Hugs His Nephew SOOO HOTT, yet so cute too....especially since you can see a video game controller in Ryan's hands....I ❤ Ryan Lochte done so for a lonnnng while now, even since wayyyyy before the London Olympics and him becoming a household name basically as he pretty much is now!! hehe

This is too much. Ryan Lochte and his nephew. Hahaha I also noticed he is playing a video game.

Ryan Lochte and nephew. This is actually so adorable. but of course he's playing video games..

if my future husband does this, he could play video games as much as he wants #lochte

Ryan Lochte with his nephew. Adorable, and makes me like him a lil more.

Ryan Lochte and his nephew!!! Cutest thing ever!

ryan lochte & nephew; precious@Denise Cashwell

Ryan Lochte and his nephew. Adorable (:

Ryan Lochte and his nephew. AWW<3

ryan lochte

ryan lochte my future boyfriend <3

#jeah #lochtenation

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Ryan Lochte

Huh, Ryan Lochte looks good with clothes too.

Ryan Lochte Angling For Gossip Girl Cameo

Ryan Lochte. I think I'm in love.

Ryan Lochte is sooo attractive!

You beautiful human being....

Ryan Lochte-hello mr sexy!!

Ryan Lochte. holy cow

Ryan Lochte... Damn

Ryan Lochte would love to cameo on Gossip Girl. The reason is simple: Blake Lively stars on Gossip Girl.

Ryan Lochte

oh hey Ryan Lochte, I have suddenly fell in love with men's swimming all over again!

Ryan Lochte.... olympic swimmers<3

My future husband lol Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte... hello, handsome!

Ryan Lochte-olympic swimmer!

Ryan Lochte... marry me

Ryan Lochte - hello! ;)

hello, Ryan Lochte.

oh hey Ryan Lochte

conor dwyer, micheal phelps, ricky berens, ryan lochte.

Conor Dwyer, Michael Phelps, Ricky Berens, and Ryan Lochte. Four damn sexy reasons to cheer for Team USA

Team USA swimmers! Conor Dwyer, Michael Phelps, Ricky Berens, and Ryan Lochte... God bless America.

Conor Dwyer, Michael Phelps, Ricky Berens, and Ryan Lochte- 2012 Olympic Swimmers- United States

Conor Dwyer, Michael Phelps, Ricky Berens, and Ryan Lochte... God bless America. hahahaha :);)

God bless America. haha i just adore michael phelps goofy faces!

Love Michael Phelps! God bless america :)

USA olympic swimming :) God Bless America

men's relay team. god bless america.

Olympics 2012. God bless America

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte - Olympic swimmer, not a huge fan of his self-absorbed attitude but he's fricken adorable!

I may look like a disney prince but there is nothing PG about my abs. #LOCHTENATION #ryanlochte

Ryan Lochte USA Olympic swimmer honey you can swim in my pool anytime.

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Lochte Photo Gallery : theBERRY

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer. AKA my future husband! <3

Oh, Hi. Ryan Lochte. Olympic swimmer USA

Ryan Lochte is one of the sexiest athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympic games. Ryan is representing Team USA. He already has three gold medals, two silvers and one bronze.

Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Lochte (28 photos)

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Ryan Lochte - this one is for Holly :)

Lochte!!!! Hope you beat Phelps every time in London! Good luck friend . . . o and Go Gators :)))

ryan lochte - my new favorite Olympic swimmer! Move over Michael!!

Ok ok, I will wear the medal if you take me out to dinner ;)

Ryan Lochte!!! <3 <3 <3 MAJOR LOCHTENATOR RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

Ryan Lochte. USA Olympic Swimmer....I like swimmers.

ryan lochte - way to represent gator nation!

Ryan Lochte-Athlete crush for sure

My aquatic Boyfriend!

oh my<33

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens.

USA USA USA USA Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens cheering on Phelps during the last leg of the Team Medley.

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. damn, Rebecca Soni took Ricky already, guess I'll have to settle for 2 out of 3

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. - Click image to find more Celebrities Pinterest pins

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. Way to finally bring it home boys! 4x200m

Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. Ryan Lochte. Way to finally bring it home boys. 4x200m

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. Ryan so sexy damnnn

Conor Dwyer. Ryan Lochte. Ricky Berens. swimmer boys. YES.

Go Olympics 2012--Dwyer, Lochte, Berens

Swimmers UNITE!!!

Ryan Lochte... hey

Ryan Lochte... hey.. @Anna Botsford @Molly Robertson

Ryan Lochte, Olympic Gold Medalist, Florida

Ryan Lochte # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Ryan Lochte... hey he's local boy

Ryan Lochte... hey gorgeous( ;

Ryan Lochte... MARRY ME?!?!!

Ryan Lochte...hey there(;

Ryan Lochte olympic hunk

This hunk of Sexy, Ryan Lochte, is on the U.S. Olympic swim team. GOD BLESS ‘MERICA. And if you’re wondering, yes that is a diamond-encrusted grill in his mouth.

ryan lochte!!! can't wait to watch the Olympics

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Follow us on for awesome pictures, exclusive coupons, and special offers!

ryan lochte... you should get a gold medal, just for existing..although you probably won't contribute much in the intelligence department

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte: I mean the US would definitely get gold for hottest men.

ryan lochte... you should get a gold medal, just for existing. mhmmm

ryan lochte... God bless America.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte:

Ryan Lochte-Summer Olympics.

Oh hey Ryan Lochte. . .

ryan lochte, yummy

Phelps & Lochte - I really need to become a better swimmer...

God Bless the USA. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. The boys didn't look like this when I was on swim team.

Oh my men! :) United States Swim Team. God Bless America. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Hot damn!

Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte. Summer Olympics! I can't wait!!! GO RYAN!

Some eye candy for STX-Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte. mmmmhhhhhhhhh

Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte, US Swim Team. God bless America!!!!

Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte. God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

God Bless America! Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. God bless America!

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte holy swim trunks

Nathan Adrian..... Im a fan

Meet Nathan Adrian. My future husband. Who in recent years has finally caught some attention. So after years of me saying I'd marry Nathan Adrian, at last someone won't ask "Who is that?" :)

Nathan Adrian. God bless America! # Pinterest++ for iPad #

NATHAN ADRIAN - God Bless America 2012 London Olympics

nathan adrian | Nathan Adrian | GOD BLESS AMERICA

Nathan Adrian. USA Olympic Swimmer. Yes, please.

Thank you team USA for the eye candy ;)

Nathan Adrian -- God Bless Team USA

Nathan Adrian, God bless America!

Nathan Adrian beautiful-people

USA olympic swim team. God bless America.

USA Olympic Swim Team. God Bless America. @Tish Freeman, is this why you like watching the mens swimming so much?! ;)

USA olympic swim team. God bless America.- CANT WAIT TO WATCH THE OLYMPICS!!!

USA Olympic Swim Team. God Bless America. I'll take the one on the left((;

USA olympic swim team.....I think I just forgot how to swim....

Olympic Swimmers- The reason why i watch the Olympics

swim team USA yummy swimmer bodys!! :)

US Olympic team...lets go to the pool!

US swim team :) must start swimming!

fellow swimmers

Ryan Lochte

i just want to take a moment to thank God for the olympics... and team usa... and ryan lochte

Ryan Lochte. Olympics 2012. So ready <3

Ryan Lochte - marry me? I love you

Ryan Lochte! Team USA swimmer<3

Ryan Lochte...Team USA baby!!!

Ryan Lochte - marry me?

ummmmm hello Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte. #teamUSA

Ryan Lochte... yummm


Ryan Lochte's Fitness Routine for London Games: 850-Lb. Tires & Scrambled Eggs

Ryan Lochte. YUM.

Hottie Lamottie with the Swimmer's body 💙❤🏊🇺🇸 Go Team USA Ryan Lochte!

US Men's Olympic Swimmer Ryan Locthe aka him!!!

olympic swimmer ryan lochte #mirabellabeauty #olympic

Ryan Lochte, gold medal Olympic swimmer, with abs

US Men's Olympic Swimmer Ryan Locthe. Hottie

ryan lochte, olympics USA USA!!!

ryan lochte-hes drop dead hottie

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte 2012

Ryan Lochte, olympic swimmer

Ryan Lochte hot!

I don't pin a whole lot. But when I do, it's usually a hot guy. Such as Mr. Lochte here ;)

RYAN LOCHTE American Olympic swimmer and currently the fastest swimmer in the world

Ryan Lochte. Team USA Olympic swimmer. I know have a reason to watch the Olympics.

Ryan Lochte. amazing olympic swimmer. Im constantly impressed by him

Ryan Lochte, or as we ALL know, my future husband. :)

Ryan Lochte. Olympic Swimmer. God Bless Team USA.

Ryan Lochte - Summer Olympics eye-candy ;)

RYAN LOCHTE marry me!!! :D


Matt Grevers - USA Swimmer...... God Bless the USA

Matt Grevers is a US swimmer and doesnt look like his face is a combination of 8 other peoples faces, why dont we all obsess about a actually hot guy for a change (;....don't mind if I do!

Forget Lochte and Phelps, Matt Grevers is absolutely beautiful!!!! USA Swimming! Marry me now!

Matt Grevers - USA Swimmer. Literally, just marry me now. Please. If you see this, go for it.

Matt Grevers - USA Swimmer. Well hello there Matt. Those blue eyes are stunning.

well hello there Matt Grevers. marry me.

Matt Grevers-US swimmer/ what a hottie!

Luke Guldan #sexy #men #hot #guys

Matt Grevers, my future husband

Ohh boys(: - Boy


Ryan Lochte smiles after winning the men's 400-meter individual medley at the U.S. Olympic swimming trials on Monday. (Al Bello / Getty Images )

U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials 2012: Ryan Lochte Taking Throne from Michael Phelps#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer. Beat Phelps, multiple times. Florida Gator. He's mine.

Ryan Lochte - Olympic swimming gold medalist

Ryan Lochte<3 London Olympics 2012

Ryan Lochte! 2012 Olympic Swimmer

Ryan Lotche--good eye candy!!

Ryan Lochte :) Marry Me now.

Ryan Lochte team USA!

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte. Swimmer. GOD BLESS AMERICA. < Doh! I should have watched the Olympics if this was the eye candy.

Ryan Lochte -- God bless America for having such attractive male swimmers

God Bless America. Ryan Lochte, Olympic Swimmer.

Ryan Lochte. GOD BLESS AMERICA. hahahahaha

Ryan Lochte...... God Bless America!!!! :)

Ryan Lochte. God bless America. 💙❤🏊🇺🇸

Go Gators! Ryan Lotche is amazing! :)

Ryan Lochte my future husband

Ryan Lochte. yum.