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I hold on to memories because I have a HEART that keeps pumping, & a MIND to recall my LIFE from childhood to present. More importantly, I hold onto to memories because things do change & HOLDING ON lets me keep those SPECIAL people or moments. I love to remember when....

Never go to sleep angry. Because you never know if you or the person you're mad at will wake up the next morning. Always forgive someone. Because you never know if you'll talk to them again. Things happen. Get over it. Always forgive. You may not forget. But its better than knowing you'll never get to say any or I love you again.

#HotMess A mess of gorgeous chaos does not imply a hot mess. Hot messes are white trash types. I grew up in a static house and rarely eat cheetos. Gorgeous chaos! GORGEOUS CHAOS! Get it RIGHT!

Of course I will never forget about you, we had a pretty good time together. But since we no longer are, these are the memories I will keep in their own special place in my heart. I know that they're there, but they no longer cross my mind all the time.

People say hate is a strong word, but so is love and people throw that around like it's nothing

Inspiring picture dance, dress, fashion, girl, polka dots. Resolution: 500x435 px. Find the picture to your taste! #capeziostudio2street