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    • Sarah Morton

      #nurse>>>my mom is a nurse so I'm used to this at the dinner table

    • Ashley Willis

      nurses, true story :)

    • Shannon Wiedmeyer Casper

      Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Why yes, my friends and I will ruin a perfectly good conversation with gross stories from work. You should be used to it now.

    • Kyla Brickhouse

      so true about my nursing friends, so true about jonathans friends all the time for no reason at all...

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    I 'm sorry, I can't save your life right now, I don't have you in our system, so I can't put any orders in just yet.

    Cheers to discussing human dismemberment over a gourmet meal and having a totally warped sense of humor... Happy Nurses Week.

    I would like water bottles (preferably pink) that don't melt in the dishwasher, thank you!

    every nurse has one... Doctor or nurse for that matter....

    I solomnly swear to clean up the most disgusting fluids that come from your body. You're welcome. Happy Nurse's Week.

    Nurses Murphy's Law: Your face doesn't itch all day until your gloved hands are elbow deep in unspeakable bodily fluids!

    Haha. I get this because my mom works in a hospital. That shift change is a very important time in a patience life!

    Standing at the nurses station will not make your discharge go faster and no, you can't have some morphine before you leave... Happy Nurses Week.

    I'm sorry to hear about your abdominal pain. If you could put down the Mtn Dew and wipe the Cheeto dust off your fingers, I'll jump right on your emergency.

    Nurses. Because doctors are never fucking around. (So true)

    Percocet, Benadryl, and Ambien should do it.