Weaving with Pipe Cleaners and a Cooling Rack

Kids Sewing Table....how fun is this...plastic needles..burlap

Great lesson about flexible thinking. Pipe Cleaner vs. Popsicle Stick


yarn weaving

Check out this wonderful activity that encourages balance, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. Weaving through a rainbow by Teach Preschool

Pipe cleaner dinosaur! These colorful dinosaur can be made with a pipe cleaner by hand without tools.

Use this simple and classic fine motor activity to encourage fine motor development, hand eye co-ordination as well as threading and pincer skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Push Pins - motor and academic


Great fine motor activity: push different coloured pipe cleaners into styrofoam circles. The children thread on beads of the corresponding colour.

Preschool math - DIY bead manipulatives.

Pipe cleaners cut short with a number taped to the end. Have the kids feed the same number of pony beads onto the pipe cleaners.

LOVE for one to one correspondance

Color Match - String beads on a pipe cleaner.

Knijp de juiste hoeveelheid knijpers aan het cijfer. Goed voor de fijne motoriek en het tellen

Color matching and fine motor development

fine motor - pipe-cleaner and beads activity