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    • Krystal Burggraff

      This is such a beautiful story. ( I had to create a new album just for this amazing story). God bless our heros!!

    • Ally Banta

      Picture has the love story, site has just the picture. This amazing! It shows what true love is!! Sticking together through tough times!!

    • Jewel Atkins

      amazing story! this is true love and i am so fortunate to have people like taylor morris go and fight for our country!

    • Tiffany Patton

      This is love, and a true hero. Instantly made me cry, God bless him and his woman for standing by her man!

    • Dominique Rodriguez

      These pictures are a beautiful representation of what true love really is. God Bless them both. ❤❤❤

    • Katie Holvenstot

      such a sad story but triumphant recovery... God bless Kelly and Danielle

    • Dominique Bravo

      Taylor Morris, one of the MOST inspiring people EVER.

    • Cassidy McCarthy

      This... Made me cry. True love. True hero.

    • Jared Boyles

      Faith in humanity restored

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    A True Hero

    So true :)

    true love!

    Dump A Day Faith In Humanity Restored - 20 Pics…wasn't sure where to pin this but this is so sad and sweet

    Good Bless our Soldiers and their families. ♥ Such a beautiful, powerful photo of this soldier. He was deployed today, leaving his tiny newborn daughter. Sometimes people forget the sacrifices made on our behalf until a picture like this puts everything in perspective. So grateful for true heroes.

    This sweet, very real story, made me cry.. I'm so inspired and proud of this mother. So amazing! Take the time to read it!

    GUYS PLEASE READ THIS PIN!!!!!! Read read read!!

    USMC Sgt Christopher Jacobs last words to his wife were, "Sweet Dreams and I Love You Guys”. Never forget the cost of freedom. God Bless the Marines the Serve this Great Country and leave behind families that will continue to serve ... God Bless Military Wives!


    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    Love of a mother #single mother

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    : ( sad but beautiful to see such commitment

    This actually made me cry. Why can't people just be kind to one another. This man is indeed.A TRUE HERO. Not just because he fights for his country, but because he fights for the right of everyone in this country, regardless of your background!!! I ADMIRE AND RESPECT YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Faith In Humanity

    Amen! Pay it forward! ❤ some of these seriously made me cry

    And we think we have it so tough.

    Faith in humanity restored... Repeat myself, that there are many good people in this world they just dont get justified as the bad do.. Mixed up media...

    Most Powerful Photos.