Watercolor coat

Inslee Illustration Why this is so me.pink coat, hair in bun, black sunglasses, and heels. Oh and a letter. Basically summed up the picture.

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Blanca Gómez es una diseñadora e ilustradora residente en Madrid. - Cosas Mínimas -

london - The "cosas minimas" collection, by blanca gomez. In occation with my summer trip to London, Chester Dublin ❤☼❤

Fashion illustrations - Preppy Pink Chanel suit.

Embelleciendo nuestros vestidores


Jason Brooks' elegant illustration entitled Lipstick for Vogue's Art in Fashion. Brooks' artwork has also provided the visual identity for record labels, most notably Hedkandi.


Elie Saab gown worn by Pink during her Wizard of Oz anniversary tribute to Judy Garland at The Oscars- sketch by Katie Rodgers aka Paper Fashion