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Waldorf doll house... collapsible, easy assembly, simple and all wood. Made on a band saw maybe? So cool...

Waldorf Play Room

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Waldorf Star

Waldorf Kindergarten

Waldorf Lifeways Montessori

Waldorf Unschooling Reggio

Waldorf School of Cape Cod, love the play divider!

Dollhouse Neighborhood

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Palomas Nest

Half Chair

Half chair, half dollhouse. Neighborhood Chair Collection by Paloma's Nest

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The Dollhouse Book / Rock & Pebble

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Paris Bourke

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Wooden Doll House

GENIUS! Interchangeable wooden "rooms" to this mini dollhouse. Decorated with woodburner. Endless possibilities...

Bella Luna Toysfrom Bella Luna Toys

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love this play tree house

Red Ted Art's Blogfrom Red Ted Art's Blog

How to... a Make Doll's House Bed

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Paper Doll Template | Fabric left overs and (cotton wool) stuffing for pillows and duvet

Dollhouse Drawers

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Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

Daughter'S Dollhouse

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Diy Barbie House Bookshelf

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Lalaloopsy House

Lego House

Barbie dollhouse... love the drawers underneath!

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Baby Cart


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DIY Duct Tape Brownstone Dollhouse from Merrilee Liddiard's book PLAYFUL; photo by Nicole Gerulat #playfultoysandcrafts

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I think I could make one! Log Cabin Dollhouse Natural Waldorf Custom by FunnyFarmToyBarn, $100.00

Sew She Sews'sfrom Sew She Sews's

CD Shelf Dollhouse Tutorial

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dollhouse for pegs

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Recycle cardboard boxes using Sarah Hanson's eco-friendly dollhouse pattern by

Childhood101from Childhood101

24 Fabulous Pretend Play Food Sets

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24 Fabulous Handmade Pretend Food Play Sets

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Barbie Doll House Diy

painted blocks- for dollhouse kitchen

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Make a Dollhouse from Drawers

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Doll 3

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Mama & baby doll

Doll House Furniture Diy Ideas

Diy Wooden Dollhouse Furniture

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Furniture Wood

Model Furniture Diy

Homemade Doll Furniture Diy

Simple Wooden Dollhouse

Make Your Own Dollhouse Furniture

Doll Furniture Tutorial

DIY Dollhouse furniture from wood. I am looking for "chunky" sturdy made-for-little-girl-hands dollhouse furniture for my twin granddaughters' first house.