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Child's Laughter

A child's laugh.I love listening to my kids laugh! Really belly laugh.makes me smile!

Mothers hold their childrens hands   mothers love quotes

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Be Thankful...

For the Laundry Room: TODAY I will be THANKFUL for all the little socks & the grass stained jeans and the endless piles of LAUNDRY. For there will come a day when the laundry basket is EMPTY and these days will be PROFOUNDLY missed.

in memory plaque

In loving memory of my dad and mom. Losing dad 28 days after mom rocked my life so much!

Something else I hope my kids learn.

REAL friends are part of the make-up of life.I'm very thankful for the great REAL friends I have in my life!

good food for thought #Gratitude

"Thankful Leaves" Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

What if you woke up today with only the things you were thankful for yesterday? joyamartin What if you woke up today with only the things you were thankful for yesterday? What if you woke up today with only the things you were thankful for yesterday?

There is nothing more priceless than the children and grandchildren that GOD graciously placed into our home and FOREVER IN OUR HEART❤    ~Gen.33:5

The Most Precious Jewels You’ll Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children.

Kiss your babies goodnight!

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, Kiss Your Children/////// always always always and not just one about 100 times even though she is fast asleep and I whisper in her ear that I love her

Lol...that's when I scream out, "UN UH!! WHAT R Y'ALL DOIN?!!!"

Silence is golden! Unless you have a toddler, then silence is very, very suspicious. Laughing Through Motherhood - mom quotes - funny mom quotes - best of moms - humor - meadoria

I sing this to my Dozer when he's sick.

This is the song my Dad would sing to me all the time. I love my Dad. I will sing this to my kids someday.

good moms. This makes me feel better, I hope my kids are happy because of something I did!

For moms who know what really matters. Black box sign with "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids." in white. All wooden box signs are deep and can be freestanding or hanging. 8 x 7 x inches.

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My 6yr old daughter has a recording of me singing this to her, she listens to it all the time :) melts my heart.

I used to sing this song to my boys when they were babbies (as my mom did for me); both boys could sing this song shortly after they could talk. They still like me to sing it.

anyone can be a mother quote | Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent ...

Just because you give birth to a child, doesn't mean you're a "parent". A real parent will do anything for their child. They'll put their child over their own selfish needs and wants.

My daughter is that girl to me. I have, in my life, also been blessed by getting to know many, many girls who put color in my world, and the world in general.Image detail for -Quotes / Daughters by John Mayer on we heart it / visual bookmark .

Duck Egg Blue  Custom colour request 11 x 14inches or by GraceHawk, $25.00

Everything I believe in for my child, printed in the best colour (duck egg blue!