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Batmobile Replica Price: $190,836

$250 for a three hour jetpack ride! it uses water and is tethered to a pump on a jetski someone in driving for you. but it still can go 25mph and you can go 33ft in the air! ahh so cool!

Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev! I'd like to get one of these jetpacks; Anyone want to go halves?

Jetpacks have been a pipe dream for many of us ever since we first watched Thunderball, but the expense, heat, weight, and potential for disaster have kept us grounded. Now the well-heeled among us can experience this unique form of flight with minimal risk aboard the Jetlev Flyer ($99,500). This crazy, water-powered backpack uses a 250hp motor and fuel tank at the water's surface to send gallons of the wet stuff up to the seat, where it's blasted back down to the ground, providing a maximum...

Super-Luxurious Toilet Price: $6,400 What does it do?: The Kohler Numi is no stinker. The elaborate toilet warms your feet, plays music and cleans your behind with an adjustable spray and subsequent drying function. A touchscreen controls the settings.

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Sean Phillips flies through the air as he demonstrates the JetLev water-propelled jet pack strapped to his back at the Yacht & Brokerage Show on February 17, 2012 in Miami Beach

crazy cool high tech gel fridge!

very cool gadgets

Tear and Share USB

Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad

Water Hoverboard

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Dutch designer Lukas Jager has developed a purification system that bypasses traditional means of filtering water called puur zuiveren, which means “pure purifying.”


Definitely buying a Water Jet Pack if I win the lottery ;)

To record skype sessions

Quadski XL