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Dick Clark and American Bandstand

Dick Clark, producer of American Bandstand died today. My mom told me that I loved American Bandstand when I was little and would try to do the Twist. Clark for bringing music and dance into the home for so many of us.

Captain Kangaroo with Mr. Moose. Did you know that the Captain was Clarabelle the Clown on the Howdy Doody show?!

Moose, ping pong balls, the Captain, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Green Jeans and Dancing Bear. My before-school TV fix every morning.

Dick Clark, American Bandstand Dance Show

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Top 10 Songs Who could ever forget watching American Bandstand. Every artist lip sunk to their songs. Madonna told Dick she wanted to rule the world and she just about did.

Captain Kangaroo...with Mr Green Jeans, Moose, Dancing Bear...

Boy, I'll say, I loved Captain Kangaroo every morning. I remember when I was young, one time my mother was wanting to dress me for the day and I said."Not in front of Captain Kangaroo".funny how I remember that so clearly.

Ice Cream with wooden paddle spoon... not sure whether I liked the ice cream or the spoon more!

i remember my slip i filled out: sloppy joe (hated hot dogs) potato chips, orange drink, and this wonderful ice cream cup with the little wood paddle spoon! Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Paddle Spoon.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie.

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera  ... My Catholic school never had new books, so this was probably the one I learned to read in/on/with about 1953 or 1954.

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera. I learned to read from Dick and Jane readers.

Watched this all the time. Can still hear the theme song on my head!

Love American Style - truer than the red, white and blue. Loved to watch on sick days.