Chapel of Thanksgiving, dallas - The entrance to the chapel is at the end of a 125-foot bridge that runs over a cascading waterfall. Inside the chapel, the spiral is topped with stained glass "Glory Window", one of largest horizontally mounted stained-glass pieces in the world. The window features brighter colors as the spiral reached its apex, becoming brighter as it reaches the center.

"Tiffany Stained Glass Window" by Crafty Intentions on Flickr - This is an original Tiffany window, signed by Tiffany himself. It can be found in the College Hill Presbyterian Church in Easton, Pennsylvania.

I wish it were real so I could climb it I love climbing trees it's like you can see the entire world until you fall and all you see are stars

From another pinner: i could not love this more. this is the "glory window," designed by Gabriel Loire, in the chapel of thanksgiving in thanks-giving square in dallas, texas. if they did weddings here, i would totally want to get married here.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Recursive Stained Glass. The artist digitally created this using a mathematical repetition applied to a common license image.

Magnificent Art Nouveau glass panel screen consisting of fifteen panels which were removed from a period house in Edinburgh. The colours are fired on to thick 8 mm glass and are therefore impervious to ultra violet light and water. They date from the 1890s and were probably of Viennese manufacture.

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