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Actors who have been in both Harry Potter and Doctor Who

Such a beautiful thought, but he must be accompanied by a choir of Ood to sing her to sleep. - Not even kidding, everything here just made me weep. I can see Donna in her death bed: "OI, SPACE MAN!"

Yes, pretty much all I pin lately is Harry Potter or Doctor Who. Not sorry.

You have to go back and think about every episode with the Ponds and River Song this way. Is she just talking to them as companions of the Doctor or is she talking to them as her parents?


Doctor Who + Harry Potter = Fangirling FOREVER!

Doctor Who + Harry Potter = BRILLIANT<--Doctor Potter or Harry Who

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34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real


His name is the doctor not doctor who!!!!>>> um, hello, if you were a true DW fan you would know this is a parody of Catherine Tate's skit on her comedy show in which David Tennant plays the teacher of the character Lauren Cooper, who thinks he looks like the Doctor


The truth about Death Eaters…

Well now i kinda wanna watch it...

So there is a Harry Potter reference in a Shakespeare episode of Doctor Who....I can't even deal.<------two, actually, Martha:"like Harry Potter or something?" Doctor:"wait till you read book seven, ohhhh I cried!"